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64 Arts of Seduction PDF Download
64 Arts of Seduction PDF Download
No. Of Pages: 496
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Language: English
Author: Robert Greene
64 Arts of Seduction PDF Download

Summary of 64 Arts of Seduction PDF Download

Thousands of years ago, power was mostly acquired and held by physical violence. There was no room for nuance because a monarch or emperor had to be ruthless. Only a few people held authority, but no one suffered more than women in this system.

They had no method to compete, no weapon to force a guy to do what they wanted—politically, socially, or even in the household.

Men, of course, have one flaw: an insatiable craving for sex. A woman may play with this desire at any time, but once she gave in to sex, the guy regained power; and if she refused sex, he could simply look elsewhere—or use force. What use was a power that was so fleeting and vulnerable? Women, on the other hand, had no choice but to acquiesce to this situation. However, other people had an insatiable need for power, and they devised a way to change the dynamic over time, establishing a more permanent and effective type of authority, thanks to their ingenuity and innovation.

These ladies developed seduction, including Bathsheba from the Old Testament, Helen of Troy, the Chinese siren Hsi Shi, and Cleopatra, the best of them all. They would first entice a man with a seductive appearance, customising their cosmetics and jewellery to create the picture of a goddess. They would tempt a man’s imagination by revealing merely a glimpse of flesh, generating yearning for more than simply sex: the possibility to acquire a fantasy figure. Once they had their victims’ attention, these ladies would persuade them to spend time in the feminine world of luxury, spectacle, and pleasure, rather than the masculine world of war and politics. They could even literally lead them astray by taking them on an excursion, as Cleopatra did with Julius Caesar on a Nile cruise. Men would become addicted to these sophisticated, sensuous pleasures and fall in love with them. The ladies, on the other hand, would inevitably become cold and uncaring, perplexing their victims. Men’s joys were withdrawn just when they needed them most. They’d be compelled to pursue it, doing anything to reclaim the favours they’d previously had, and becoming weak and emotional in the process. Men like King David, the Trojan Paris, Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, and King Fu Chai, who possessed both physical and social power, would find themselves enslaved by a woman.

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