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All Tomorrows
[PDF] All Tomorrows PDF (Nemo Ramjet)
No. Of Pages: 111
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Language: English
Category: eBooks & Novels
Author: Nemo Ramjet

All Tomorrows Full Book Summary

The storey opens with the terraforming and colonisation of Mars as a result of ever-increasing environmental disasters, ballooning overpopulation on Earth, and a global push for political unity. Most of the firms are now operating on land on Mars after many millennia, allowing the Earth to recover. Mars and Earth started a long and steady drift that would eventually lead to Mars declaring independence from Earth. For genetic and policy reasons, Earth governments started to sabotage Mars’ independence. Earth, which is heavily reliant on Mars’ resources, has refused to grant Martian independence, and Mars has responded by boycotting all but the most essential commodities from Earth. A civil war ensues, resulting in the deaths of 8 billion people.

Survivors tried to avoid a repeat of the terrible disaster that put their lives at risk, trying to build a new human race from the two genetically different planets that would be better suited to space travel and colonization.Despite moral and biological taboos, survivors’ recollections of the conflict lingered in their heads. The new subspecies accomplishes the desired goals in a single generation, gradually expanding its control of the solar system and, later, among the stars, giving them the moniker “Star People.” They explored a number of methods to accomplish interstellar colonisation, the most viable of which was to send spacecraft with humanity’s genetic material to a planet that would be brought to life by semi-sentient robots. Half of the new humans formed had a fondness for machines and a contempt for their own species, which led to their demise. However, others survived and flourished.

The Star People developed the means of communication amongst the colonies after many millennia. The cosmic empire was at its pinnacle at this time (“The Summer of Man”). Despite the fact that they had discovered extraterrestrial life, none of it was sentient throughout its development. They regard this as a strange occurrence that portrays people as anomalies or heavenly creations. Everything takes an unexpected turn when they discover a petrified dinosaur called Panderavis pandora on a recently colonised planet. Panderavis pandora was a terrestrial species indigenous to Earth and strange to the rest of the planet’s environment. They see this as a warning concerning the possibility of beings considerably older than mankind possessing Type 2 civilization skills. Many human colonies are studying weapons and preparing for the impending war.

Aliens known as the Qu, a civilization billions of years old and reputed to be masters of nanotechnology and genetic manipulation, made contact with humanity at some point. They took on a holy, self-imposed mission to reconstruct the cosmos as they thought fit, now that they had dominion over the material realm. The invaders destroyed, depopulated, or changed every human planet in less than a thousand years. There were just a few pockets of resistance, which were finally suffocated. During Qu’s reign, a remnant of the Star Men sought safety in hollowed-out asteroids converted to deep-space generation ships, becoming the Spacers, who finally adapted to the rigours of zero-gravity.

The Qu ruled the cosmos for 40 million years, leaving behind both gigantic monuments and modified or devolved humanity before moving away. Thousands of genetically engineered human species started to develop and adapt on the planets where they were formed after they vanished. A lot of them die because of the Qu or natural disasters, but some live for a long time. They become sentient species and civilizations millions of years later.

After millions of years, each culture comes into touch with the others to establish the Second Empire of Man, but another human empire, the Asteromorphs, was also built by the descendants of the Spacers. They had no interest in any of the Second Empire’s terrestrial planets, unlike the other human species, since they evolved to exist in a zero-gravity environment.

For the last 80 million years, all civilizations have lived in the new galactic empire, which has been on the lookout for prospective invasions in order to prevent a recurrence of the Star People and the Qu’s history. The Gravital, on the other hand, seems to be a far closer danger. These entities are intelligent robots descended from the Ruin Haunters, one of the earliest intelligent species to regain awareness. They see their human relatives as inferior since they believe they are the only actual successors of the people of the stars. They had to transform themselves in order to live since their sun was already ageing and damaging their homeworld’s atmosphere, so they developed into robots over a few thousand years.

The robots eliminated practically all organic life forms in the galaxy in a handful of millennia, saving the Bug Facers as basically tamed animals. Machines governed the galaxy for approximately 50 million years, until internal conflicts arose between various factions due to ideological and religious disagreements. As a result, they started looking for a new opponent to fight in order to keep the empire together. Unfortunately, they chose the Asteromorphs, who had never been in a fight because they didn’t live on terrestrial planets.The Asteromorphs overcame the robots after just a few million years of combat.

Following the conflict, the Asteromorphs assume the role of gods and seek to recolonize the galaxy by transforming machine survivors and robbing them of their capacity to regulate gravity, turning them into new machines, and seeding planets with Bug Facer offshoots. As a mechanism to monitor the new rule, the Asteromorphs constructed their own counterparts tailored to the gravity of the planets, known as Terrestrials, during the rebuilding. During this time, they meet an alien species known as the Amphicephalus, which has two huge snake heads on each end, one of which has a secondary retractable body for interacting with the environment.

The unification of galaxies, the reunification and subjugation of Qu, and the fabrication of massive artefacts are all presented as accomplishments and events that happened after contact. The rediscovery of the planet 560 million years after the last man walked on it is one of the most momentous occurrences.

At the conclusion of the book, the author reveals that humanity will eventually go extinct, speculates on the various reasons, and concludes with a philosophical afterword on man’s fate.

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