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Angel Daniel Doreen Virtue Download
Angel Daniel Doreen Virtue Download
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Language: English
Author: Angel Daniel
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Angel Daniel Doreen Virtue Download

Summary of Angel Daniel Doreen Virtue Download

Late at night, as a little girl, a strong and loving force would sometimes awaken me suddenly. In my
darkened room, I’d see sparkling lights and feel surrounded by an unearthly love that let me know my
angels were near. Then, I’d fall back into a sound sleep, assured that I was safe and protected bygreat, gentle beings.
Over the years, as I pursued my doctoral degree, got married, and had children, I lost contact withthe angels. While I still loved everything about them, I stopped talking to them. Occasionally, I’d hear
a spiritual voice directing me to make changes in my life. Yet, because my life was so hectic and
busy, I often ignored the wisdom of my angel’s guidance.
That all changed on July 15, 1995, as I was dressing for an appointment I had at a church inAnaheim, California. An angel’s voice outside and above my right ear said, “Doreen, you’d better put
the top up on your car, or it will get stolen.” I was in a big hurry, so I considered the voice as more of
an irritant than a help.
I don‘t have an extra five minutes to put up my car top! I thought. My white convertible car is
ordinary looking when its black cloth top is up, but with its top down, the car is a bit showy. Clearly,
the angel wanted me to be unobtrusive so as not to attract the attention of a car thief. The voice
continued its warnings about car thieves, but I stubbornly insisted that I had no time to spare.

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