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[PDF] CIA Adam and Eve Story PDF by Jennifer Wilcox

CIA Adam and Eve Story Summary

In May 1943, Adam and Eve were merely a shadow of what their descendants would become: seven-foot-tall, ten-foot-long, and two-foot-wide grey robots. However, Adam and Eve were little more than components, motors, and cables strewn around workhorses and installed in cabinets at Dayton, Ohio’s National Cash Register Company’s Building 26. They carried over 400 vacuum tubes, 64 separately wired bakelite rotors, and endless feet of wire, much like the machines before them. The Cryptanalytic Bombes of the US Navy were the first of their type, and they were about to alter history.

For three months, 800 US Navy officers, sailors, and WAVES toiled around the clock to build the bombes; they had no idea what they were for. The machines were obviously crucial. The gadget was so critical that the US Navy authorised it and entrusted it to an engineer of German origin with a family still living in Germany to develop it. Everyone on the project was sworn to secrecy, although only a few people realised what was going on.

Machinist First Class Phil Bocchiccio and Radioman K.P. Cook were among those few.They’d be the first to utilise the machines, however.

They’d spent the last several days putting Adam and Eve back together, repairing leaks as oil trickled from the different parts. Despite the fact that it was powered by electricity, there were hundreds of moving components that needed to be lubricated. The precision of the machine depended on the copper brushes on the baklite rotors making correct contact with the metal points linked to the other sections of the enormous contraption. Phil and K.P. made sure that connections were made and that the pace was kept up.

Throughout the planning and building phase, personnel from the Navy’s cryptologic agency, OP-20-G in Washington, D.C., had been in almost continual touch with officers and engineers in Dayton. The National Cash Register Company was now receiving precise instructions over secure communication channels. Then Phil and K.P. would be in charge of putting those instructions to use in order to put the Navy’s bombes to the test.

They’d follow the instructions and test the machines now that the mechanisms were in working condition. The menu featured instructions for setting each of the 64 bakelite rotors and 32 input-output dials. Phil fitted Adam with the required rotors, while K.P. did the same for Eve. The bombes were switched on after each person followed their individual set of instructions.

[PDF] CIA Adam and Eve Story PDF by Jennifer Wilcox
[PDF] CIA Adam and Eve Story PDF by Jennifer Wilcox

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