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The Communist Manifesto is an effort to explain both the aims of Communism and the philosophy that underpins them. It claims that all historical events are driven by class battles, or the exploitation of one class by another. The methods of production in a given age determine class connections. These linkages, however, ultimately become incompatible with the evolving forces of production. A revolution happens at this moment, and a new governing class arises. This is the “march of history” as it is being pushed by broader economic factors.

Class antagonism between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat is a feature of modern industrial society. However, capitalism’s productive powers are rapidly becoming incompatible with this exploitative relationship. As a result, the proletariat will be the driving force behind a revolution. This revolution, however, will be distinct from all past ones in that it will not merely reallocate property in favour of the new ruling class. The proletariat, on the other hand, has no possibility of taking property due to the nature of their class. As a result, once they gain authority, they will have to remove all private property ownership, and classes will vanish.

According to the Manifesto, this growth is unavoidable, and capitalism is intrinsically unstable. The Communist Party intends to support this revolution, as well as the parties and organisations that are bringing history to a logical conclusion. They contend that government reforms or improvements will not be enough to eliminate social classes. Instead, a revolution will be necessary.

The Communist Manifesto is divided into four parts. It addresses the Communists’ historical theory and the link between proletarians and bourgeoisie in the first part. The link between Communists and proletarians is explained in the second part. The final portion delves into the shortcomings of prior socialist literature. The connection between the Communists and other parties is discussed in the last section.

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