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Core 52 Lesson 1 PDF Download
Core 52 Lesson 1 PDF Download
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Core 52 Lesson 1 PDF Download

Summary of Core 52 Lesson 1 PDF Download

Do you want to know the Bible better?
You’re not alone. You’re not even in the minority. Eighty percent of people
in church want to know the Bible better. Surprisingly, the desire may be even
stronger in those outside the church. In a recent survey here in Phoenix, 60
percent of those who said they were interested in the Bible were not connected
with any church.

There’s a reason so many people want to know the Bible better: they know
the Bible will make them better.
The positive impact of Scripture on individuals, families, and society has
been proved time and again. One study involving one hundred thousand people
over eight years showed dramatic results. This research (by Arnold Cole and
Pamela Caudill Ovwigho of the Center for Bible Engagement) showed that
those who engage the Bible four or more times a week experienced far less destructive behavior: 62 percent less drunkenness, 59 percent less pornography
use, 59 percent less sexual sin, and 45 percent less gambling. These results were
not from guilt manipulation but were rather the mark of personal transformation. The positive message of Scripture allowed individuals to reduce bitterness
by 40 percent, destructive thoughts by 32 percent, isolation by 32 percent, inability to forgive by 31 percent, and loneliness by 30 percent.1

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