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De-mystifying Fit PDF Download
De-mystifying Fit PDF Download
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Language: English
Author: Unknown
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De-mystifying Fit PDF Download

Summary of De-mystifying Fit PDF Download

My goal is to give seamstresses the necessary knowledge and confidence to sew
their own bras by demystifying fitting and the construction techniques to get
professional looking results.
Rather than attempt to cover the seemingly limitless variations of bra styles and
fabrication techniques, I focus on the most common bra making techniques that I
use in my workroom every day to get consistently beautiful results.
My techniques are independent of a specific bra pattern. While I suggest what to
look for when selecting a bra pattern, this book does not provide one nor are
there instructions for drafting and grading bra patterns. You are free to work
with any pattern you wish or draft your own.
No book on bra making would be complete without addressing fitting. Because I
have to fit a wide variety of body types and I only have limited scheduled time
with my clients, I developed a systematic fitting process to quickly achieve a
fitted toile (a.k.a. “muslin”). I provide instructions how to work through this
process and how to solve the most common fitting challenges you will

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