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Dry Needle Therapy PDF Download
Dry Needle Therapy PDF Download
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Dry Needle Therapy PDF Download

Summary of Dry Needle Therapy PDF Download

This book is primarily for health professionals who are treating musculoskeletal (MSK)
conditions and who wish to incorporate acupuncture into their practice. We
acknowledge that acupuncture can treat conditions other than MSK, but that is beyond the
scope of the book.

Physical therapists see many MSK problems in clinic, which makes them ideal
candidates to incorporate acupuncture into their practice. Musculoskeletal problems of
various types are often the most common reasons for patients to seek care from
acupuncturists, representing one third to one half of all visits (Sherman et al. 2005). In one
study of Chinese patients (Mao et al. 2007), patients presented with pain-related
musculoskeletal complaints such as back and neck pain (53%), arthritis (41%),
neurological complaints such as post-stroke rehabilitation and facial paralysis (23%), and
weight loss (10%). In the United Kingdom acupuncture is used in 84 per cent of chronic
pain clinics (Woollam and Jackson 1998).

Acupuncture has become more accepted by Western medicine over the last 30 years
and has seen an exponential growth in its practice worldwide (Guerreiro da Silva 2013).
As the practice of acupuncture has grown, so too has the evidence base. The advantages of
using acupuncture are well documented and include an immediate reduction in local,
referred and widespread pain, restoration of range of motion and muscle activation
patterns, and a normalization of the immediate chemical environment of active myofascial
trigger points (Dommerholt 2011). As well as these well-documented effects, acupuncture
can have simultaneous widespread effects at multiple sites.

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