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Emmet Fox Books Free PDF Download
Emmet Fox Books Free PDF Download
No. Of Pages: 155
PDF Size: 21.9 MB
Language: English
Author: Harry Caze
Source: ehbritten.org
Emmet Fox Books Free PDF Download

H ere is the first published account of
one of the most influential spiritl1al
teachers of our generation . Emmet
Fox’s teachings reached uncounted ·
millions through his popular lectures
and his best-selling books and pamphlets. Yet because teacher and teachings became, in their minds, so nearly
identical, Dr. Fox’s work actually and
literally obscured the man.

Historically, Emmet Fox effectively
bridged the gap between traditional
Christianity and the modern scientific spirit. Personally, he •vas an engaging, lovable person who hid beneath
a pleasant manner a dynamic religion
with a powerful intellectual grasp and
a deep compassion for and understanding of people. He was an unusually
effective speaker, a writer with an outstanding facility for exposition andmuch less known-a spiritual healer
who quietly helped many thousands.
Emmet Fox was born in Ireland of
well-to-do parents who brought him to
London while very young. Quietly and
gradually he outgrew the formal Catholic training he received.

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