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Enrique watches his mother, Lourdes, leave their Honduran home when he is five years old. He had no idea she wasn’t coming back. Lourdes is traveling to the United States in search of a job in order to support her two children, Enrique and Belky. Her time in America is difficult; she falls pregnant and works a variety of jobs. She sends money home, but she feels guilty and unhappy since her children are growing up without her. Enrique, on the other hand, is going through a difficult upbringing and longs for his mother’s return. He comes to think that she may never return home after many false promises. When he reaches adolescence, he gets lonely and furious, and he turns to drugs. He is cared for by various family members as he goes from place to place. He realises, at the age of seventeen, that he cannot continue his existence in Honduras without his mother’s affection. He sets out to locate his mother in the United States, resolving to travel via Guatemala, Mexico, and across the river. He leaves his homeland of Tegucigalpa with little money and a few things and goes north.

To reach his mother, Enrique must go through thirteen of Mexico’s thirty-one states and travel almost 12,000 kilometres. He is one of many youngsters who embark on a similar quest to find a parent. The voyage is highly hazardous, as he must contend with bandits, criminals, immigration authorities, and crooked cops. Every place is unique, and he must learn what to look for and avoid through a series of trials. He made seven efforts to travel from Honduras. The journey is made in large part on freight trains, where the risks of being seriously injured or even dying are great. He makes it through the journey thanks to his determination, luck, drive, and, most importantly, the assistance of others. He meets fellow migrants along the route and shares stories and mutual experiences with them. Despite the difficult circumstances and the vicious people who attack migrants, Enrique finds nice, friendly, and caring people who provide their assistance despite the danger of being punished themselves. Despite the fact that he travels alone for much of the voyage, crossing the river on his own is too dangerous. After contacting his mother, he is able to enlist the services of a smuggler, his guardian, El Tirndaro, to assist him in crossing the border. Finally, after an exhausting and long voyage, he finds himself in the hands of his mother on the eighth journey.

At first, their reunion is joyful. Lourdes and her daughter, Diana, have made a decent life for themselves in North Carolina. Enrique is relieved to be with his mother, but his complex sentiments of abandonment and rage quickly surface. His mother and he start arguing, and their relationship becomes strained. Enrique’s girlfriend, Maria Isabel, gives birth to their daughter, Jasmin, back in Honduras. Enrique wants to move his family to the United States, but he is still battling drug addiction and mental issues. He sends Maria Isabel money as frequently as he can, but their connection is strained. Enrique’s family relatives criticize Maria Isabel for how she is parenting Jasmin and squandering Enrique’s money. Maria Isabel becomes more attached to Jasmin and has difficulty determining what is best for her kid. Finally, she chooses to join Enrique in the United States. If she leaves now, her kid will have a better chance of coming to America and growing up with both of her parents. The book finishes in much the same manner as it begins, with a mother unwilling to say goodbye to her little kid.

Enrique’s Journey PDF
Enrique’s Journey PDF

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