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God Speaks Book PDF
God Speaks Book PDF
No. Of Pages: 200
PDF Size: 1.83 MB
Language: English
Author: Meher Baba
Source: avatarmeherbabatrust.org
God Speaks Book PDF

Summary of God Speaks Book PDF

Meher Baba’s main work, God Speaks: The Theme of Creation and Its Purpose, is considered by his devotees to be the most important religious scripture. It has been in continuous publication since 1955 and discusses Meher Baba’s perspective on the act of creation and its intention.

God Speaks uses the “Sufi,” “Mystic,” and “Vedantic” terminologies at the same time to reveal the most profound truths of evolution and involution through seven realms of awareness. It is a vivid depiction of the theme of creation and its purpose. Meher Baba described the states of Mazoob, Brahmibhoot, Qutub, and the most anticipated spiritual event, the coming of the Avatar. This ground-breaking exploration of the relationship between God and creation illustrates how God, the only Existence and Reality, learns about Himself via the lens of his own dream or imagination. Such subjects as God’s yearning to know Himself, the evolution of awareness, reincarnation, the drop-involutionary soul’s trip through the seven inner planes, God-realization, the spiritual hierarchy, and the ten states of God are all covered in the conversation.

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