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Goldilocks and the Three Bears
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Goldilocks and the Three Bears Summary

She didn’t become ‘Goldilocks’ overnight. Even when she had turned from an old woman to a tiny girl, her name – and her hair colour – mirrored all the signs of fidgetiness evinced by the character herself in the storey. In one version, her name was Silver-Locks. In another, Golden-Hair appears, while Little Golden-Hair appears in a third. In George MacDonald’s book “The Golden Key,” she appears as Silverhair (1867).

Considering the fairy tale’s history, it’s surprising that she wasn’t given the name Goldilocks until 1904, when an English writer called Flora Annie Steel stole the name from prior (and quite different) fairy tales and applied it to the Three Bears’ tiny invader.

Southey’s all-male trio’s metamorphosis into a family unit was not without hurdles and false starts. Many versions of the fairy tale published in the mid-nineteenth century altered the three bears into a family trio, however the accompanying photos depict the bears as all male and the same size.

What are our options for interpreting this unusual storey? It’s obviously a lot of fun, with adventure, a misadventure in the woods, and talking animals – a great combination for children’s fairy tales if there ever was one. The lesson of the storey, on the other hand, is difficult to nail down.

At best, the storey hints that taking other people’s meals or using their possessions is a bad idea since they’ll find out – and they may be huge and terrifying, presenting a real danger to you. However, in most versions of the storey, Goldilocks is given a brief fright and then forgets about it: she is not punished or put in any danger, and there is no evidence that she has learnt her lesson by the end.

The fact that the unfortunate Baby Bear consumes the porridge, smashes the chair, and has to wash the bedsheets directly connects Goldilocks to the ursine family unit’s youngster. Because she’s a child, we’re meant to think she doesn’t understand why her actions are wrong.

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