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Harrison Bergeron
[PDF] Harrison Bergeron PDF by Kurt Vonnegut
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Author: Kurt Vonnegut

Harrison Bergeron Summary

It’s the year 2081, and we’ve arrived at the year 2081. Because of the Constitution’s Amendments 211, 212, and 213, every American is entirely equal, which means that no one is smarter, uglier, weaker, or slower than anybody else. The Handicapper General and a team of agents are in charge of enforcing the rules of equality.

The government abducts fourteen-year-old Harrison Bergeron from his parents, George and Hazel, in April. The catastrophe is not completely realised by George and Hazel. Average intellect is to blame for Hazel’s lack of awareness. Those of average intellect in 2081 were unable to think for long periods of time. George is oblivious to the disaster since he is required by law to wear a radio 24 hours a day. The government uses these radios to send noise in order to make people like George think in different ways.

Hazel and George are sitting in front of the television, watching ballerinas perform. Hazel had been sobbing for no apparent reason. She praises the dancing for its beauty.For a few seconds, George considers the dancers, who are disguised to hide their fine looks and burdened to hide their elegance. They’ve been disabled so that TV viewers don’t feel self-conscious about their looks. The dancers aren’t very excellent because of their disabilities. George’s thoughts are interrupted by a noise. Two of the dancers onscreen hear the sounds as well, and they seem to be savvy enough to be wearing radios as well.

Hazel thinks she’d want to hear the sounds the handicappers come up with. But George seemed sceptical. Hazel claims that if she were Handicapper General, she would make a chime noise to use on Sundays, which she believes would have a religious impact. According to the narrator, Hazel resembles Diana Moon Glampers, the Handicapper General. Hazel claims that she would make an excellent handicapper general since she understands what normality entails. George thinks about his son, Harrison, before being disturbed by another disturbance.

Hazel notices that George is fatigued and advises him to lay down and relax his “handicap bag,” a 47-pound weight slung over George’s neck. He claims that he no longer notices his weight. Hazel recommends removing a few of the weights from the bag, but he claims that if everyone disobeyed the rule, society would revert to its previous competitive nature. Hazel claims she would despise it. The discussion is interrupted by a disturbance, and George has no idea what they were talking about.

An announcer with a speech impairment tries to read a message on television. Because he is unable to overcome his handicap, he gives the bulletin to a dancer to read. Hazel compliments him on using his God-given gifts and suggests that he be granted a raise just for trying so hard. The dancer starts reading in her natural, lovely voice, then apologises and changes to a growly voice that no one will envy. Harrison has allegedly escaped from jail, according to the alert.

On the screen, there is a picture of Harrison. He’s got the disabilities to balance his power, brains, and attractive looks. According to the picture, he is seven feet tall and weighs 300 pounds. Instead of a little radio, he’s wearing gigantic earbuds and thick spectacles that are supposed to blind him and cause him migraines. In addition, he has a red rubber nose and black caps over his teeth. His brows have been shaved.

The picture on the Bergerons’ TV screen is replaced by an image of Harrison himself, who has invaded the studio after a rumbling noise. He claims to be the Emperor, the most powerful ruler in history, and that everyone must submit to him. Then he removes all of his limitations. He has the appearance of a deity. He claims his empress will be the first woman bold enough to stand up. A ballerina takes a step forward. Harrison takes off her handicap and disguise to reveal a stunning lady.

He tells the musicians to perform, promising that if they do their best, he will make them royalty. Harrison directs, waving a couple of musicians in the air like batons, and sings, dissatisfied with their first try. They try again, and this time they succeed. Harrison and his empress dance after listening to the music. They move through the air, defying gravity and soaring thirty feet to the ceiling, where they kiss. They kiss each other while still in the air.

With a shotgun, Diana Moon Glampers enters the studio and murders Harrison and the emperor. She points the rifle at the musicians and tells them to put on their handicaps. The screen of the Bergerons turns dark. George returns after getting a drink and inquires as to why Hazel has been sobbing. She claims that something tragic occurred on television, but she can’t recall what it was. He admonishes her not to dwell on the negative aspects of her life. Hazel describes the noise in George’s mind as “a doozy.” He tells her that she may say it again, and she replies that it sounded like a doozy.

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