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John C Harrison Stuttering PDF Download
John C Harrison Stuttering PDF Download
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John C Harrison Stuttering PDF Download

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One summer evening during the early 80s I was sitting in the living
room of John Ahlbach, then the Executive Director of the National Stuttering Project*, having a few beers and talking about this and that. It was almost
11 p.m., and we’d just concluded a meeting of the San Francisco NSP
chapter. It had been one of those slow evenings where only a few people
showed up. In fact, that particular summer our local chapter hadn’t been
doing too well. Attendance had dwindled down to only four or so each
meeting, and sometimes not even that.
It was an intense conversation, because John and I had something in
common that had significantly impacted our lives—we both grew up with
a chronic stuttering problem. And we were both committed to helping
others break out of their stuttering prison.
My dysfluency suddenly appeared when I was three and a half. My
mother had gone on a six-week European trip with my grandmother, and
when she returned, I took her out to the garden and—so my mother recalls—
pointed to a row of petunias and said, “Mommy, look…look…look…look
at…at…at…the flowers.

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