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Juz 12 PDF Download
Juz 12 PDF Download
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Language: Arabic/ urdu

Author: Unknown
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Juz 12 PDF Download

Summary of Juz 12 PDF Download

The history of human disobedience is the main subject of this late Makkan surah. A story based on the experiences of seven prophets reassures the Messenger and the Muslims. It substantiates the statement made by the prophet, “I am undoubtedly a warner for you and a bearer of good news from Him” (2). The pagans responded with mockery and denial. They were challenged to pen ten Surahs similar to it and warned of the terrible repercussions of their aggressive behaviour (13).

Prophet Nuh preaches with confidence. His folks had prejudices against the underprivileged. They told him, “It is obvious that you are human like us, and only the lowest members of society follow you. We do not perceive any particular trait in you” (27). In the end, the water brought on by the Divine vengeance drowns them, but Nuh and his companions are spared.

The narrative of Prophet Hud proceeds in a similar way. In the end, his people are destroyed because they rejected him by saying, “You haven’t presented any proof” (53). The People of Thamud’s ruins were well known to the Makkan populace. Their Prophet was named Salih. The caste system, which discriminates against persons from disadvantaged backgrounds, appears to be their moral ailment. They received a blast as punishment, which killed them.

The Prophet Ibrahim is the next to speak, and he advocates on behalf of his nephew Lut. Lut was sent to the notorious, homophobic citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah. The narrative of Prophet Shu’ayb in Madyan, a wealthy neighbourhood that rejected his message, follows. Their issue appears to be business double-dealing. “My people, do not let your hatred of me cause you to suffer like the people of Nuh, Hud, or Salih did; the people of Lut are not distant from you,” he admonished. So, ask your Lord for forgiveness and make a sincere effort to repent; My Lord is compassionate and loving (90).

Musa and the Pharaoh is the eighth tale in this anthology. The Pharaoh was drowned for his unfairness and his oppression of the Israelites because, like his forebears, he disregarded Musa’s teachings.

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