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Language: Polish
Category: Ebooks and Novels
Author: Joanna Balicka

Joanna Balicka is a Polish novelist who specialises in adult romance novels. She began her literary career in 2015 as a Wattpad creator, where she wrote under the moniker “nahbabe.” Due to her widespread popularity, Balicka received a Wattys 2016 ranking in the “Readers’ Choice” category. According to the author, she has been writing for practically as long as she can remember, and it has always been an escape from reality into a realm full of fiery sensations. The series “Miss Independent,” “Tutor,” and “Borrowed Fiancé” are among her best-selling works.

Joanna Balicka’s “Miss Independent”

“Miss Independent,” Joanna Balicka’s debut novel, will be published by Wydawnictwo NieZwyke in 2020. Sophie Cole, a management student, is given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: an internship at the International Finance Center, one of New York’s top financial holding firms. Bryson Scott, a multimillionaire who runs the biggest party in town while also treating women like objects and changing them like gloves, is its president. An influential and attractive man is unconcerned about the existence of affection, much less the possibility of connection. This, however, is merely an appearance of a lifestyle; for Bryson, sex is a drug that allows him to forget about his history. Sophie, a sassy, nave young lady, will be his next prize.

\On the other hand, Cole isn’t as naive as she appears, and she has no intention of becoming involved with anything that doesn’t play out on her terms. Joanna Balicka’s “Miss Independent” was the first book in a series of the same name. It includes two more novels, “Mr. Addicted” and “Mr. & Mrs. Complicated,” which continue Sophie and Bryson’s narrative. They’re all available as printed books and e-books on Woblink.

“Tutor” Joanna Balicka

In 2021, Joanna Balicka released “Tutor,” a well-received novel about an enthralling connection between two people of vastly different ages. Isabella, 19, finds a very attractive and much older man in an exotic toy store. No one has ever had such an energising influence on her as he has. However, she had not expected to see him again. So it’s no surprise that one day she’ll be sitting on the couch in her own home. Isabella’s father, along with prosecutor Jason Hogan, who turns out to be a gorgeous stranger, examines the case of her friend Troy, who is suspected of drug trafficking.

The friction between these two builds; their involvement in the inquiry becomes less and less important, and tutoring only appears to be a benign transfer of knowledge by an experienced lawyer at first. The e-book “Tutor” by Joanna Balicka, published by Wydawnictwo NieZwyke, is available on Woblink. The first instalment of this author’s new cycle, “Rules of Desire,” is titled “Tutor.” These and other adult Polish romances are available at Woblink as paperbacks, e-books, or audiobooks.

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