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Kosmic Fusion Foundation PDF Download
Kosmic Fusion Foundation PDF Download
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Kosmic Fusion Foundation PDF Download

Summary of Kosmic Fusion Foundation PDF Download

I feel extraordinary gratitude to so many who have helped me with this project throughout the
last few years. This dissertation would not have been possible without the creativity and
generosity of the many musicians I worked with during my fieldwork: Madhav Chari, Violin
Ganesh, C. Girinandh, Sikhil Gurucharan, Eero Hämeenniemi, Embar Kannan, Ghatam
Karthick, Aniruddha Knight, T. M. Krishna, Ganesh Kumar, Niladri Kumar, M. Lalitha,
Karraikkudi Mani, John McLaughlin, Nadaka, M. Nandini, V. S. Narasimhan, Nirmal
Narayanan, Sandeep Narayanan, Sriram Parasuram, K. Parthasaarathy, Keith Peters, Prasanna,
Prasant Radhakrishnan, N. Ravikiran, Trichy Sankaran, Selvaganesh, Mandolin Srinivas, S.
Shashank, Anil Srinivasan, Dr. Karaikudi Subramanian, Rajhesh Vaidhya, and Ramesh
Vinayakram. H. Sridhar, the chief sound engineer for the Floating Point recording session, was
an essential presence for the Floating Point recording sessions and I’m still saddened by his
passing in 2008. Mukund Padmanathan, N. Ram, N. Murali, and journalist Lalithaa Krishnan
from The Hindu helped me question the relationships of journalism and institutional patronage to
Fusion, and therefore provided perspectives that are essential to this dissertation. Ranvir Shah’s
perspective was also a useful counterpart to those of musicians, as were the conversations I had
with Indian music scholars Dr. N. Ramanathan, Dr. S. A. K. Durga, and Dr. M. Prameela. I also
wish to thank the many people involved with the Fulbright program, which has been an
important patron for my music study in India. The Fulbright IIE financed an extended period of
my musical training in Chennai (1997-1998), and the Fulbright Hays funded the majority of my
dissertation research (2006-2007)

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