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Labour India PDF
Labour India PDF
No. Of Pages: 197
PDF Size: 1.40 MB
Language: English
Category: Government
Source: ncib.in

This year’s Labour India magazine portrays an “ideal teacher” who assists pupils who study at home. It not only helps pupils understand the subjects by reading, but also through a fantastic audio-visual experience. As a result, they have the impression that they are physically in the classrooms of the great professors, academics, and scientists who wrote the chapters. Students may now use their smart phones to view films and animations that aid in the learning process by just scanning the QR code.

This magazine includes chapter summaries, instructional notes, and all possible question and answer patterns. This Class 9 Labour India magazine has been written in a straightforward manner to assist students of all sorts in achieving good scores in all subjects on the test. Six copies of the print and online magazines will be delivered to you.