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LTC Form
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About LTC Form PDF

An employee may use this form to request a leave travel allowance from their company. Leave travel concession (LTC), or leave travel allowance, is the reimbursement for travel expenditures (LTA). The terms “LTC” and “LTA” are interchangeable and have the same meaning.

It is a stipend that is included in your total CTC and is paid by an employer to an employee as part of their salary. Although it is a component of your total compensation, you only get the money if you claim it for a cross-country trip. It is important to note that travel fees do not cover everything. Travel expenses for travel by train, road, or air are covered by LTC, but expenses for meals, housing, taxis, autos, and other miscellaneous expenses are not.

Detail to Be Mention in Ltc Form PDF

  • Name of the Officers
  • Post Held
  • Date of Appointment in the Present Service
  • Basic Pay of the Official/Officer
  • Approximate Fare Required for the Journey
  • Period During Which L.t.C. Is Proposed to Be Availed of (In Case of Self, Please Indicate Whether Leave Has Been Sanctioned).
  • Block of Year for Which L.t.C. Is Proposed to Be Availed
  • And Any Other Details

You may get LTC through your employer. The claim must be for genuine travel that you took between the leaves that you used in your organisation. Proof of travel should be attached to the claim. On the employee’s journey, LTC is available. This implies that if you purchase a ticket from Delhi to Mumbai with your family but do not go up to Mumbai, you would be unable to claim LTC.

For further information about LTC reimbursement, contact your HR department or accounts department, depending on the company’s policies.

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