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Michael Winn Qigong Fundamentals PDF Download
Michael Winn Qigong Fundamentals PDF Download
No. Of Pages: 137
PDF Size: 2.59 MB
Language: English
Author: Michael Winn
Source: Multiple source
Michael Winn Qigong Fundamentals PDF Download

Summary of Michael Winn Qigong Fundamentals PDF Download

In the books I wrote with/for Mantak
Chia, some of the practices seem mentally complicated. I wanted to simplify them at the
time, but did not always have final editorial control. In the many years since I wrote
those books, my own practice has evolved towards the simple. The current Home Study
courses were retaped many times, each time refining the practices to their simplest
essence. I rigorously avoid the excess mental complexity present in some of the books,
which seemed necessary to reach western minds at the time.

  • NO SECRETS. Give students whatever they are ready to digest. The time for secrets
    is past. Many excellent Chinese teachers have unfortunately not yet realized this! The
    people I want to reach don’t have the time or inclination to play this game of follow the
    leader, begging for secrets drops of wisdom. I pour them on you, hoping you can absorb
    any part of them, and become your own leader.
  • NO GURU OR MASTER TRIPS. Hierarchies of Ego Authority bore me and stifle
    creative chi flow. Spiritual Transmission can occur without developing co-dependent
    teacher/student relationships. I’m not interested in followers clinging to my shirt tail. The
    Life Force itself is the True Teacher, I am just a guide to help you develop your own
    relationship with the Life Force. We are all brothers and sisters on the continuous twoway journey between Source and Creation.
  • TEACH ONLY FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. Means no bullshit about level of
    personal attainment. I test every method thoroughly to make sure it works and is safe.
  • HAVE FUN!!! Playing with the chi field is meant to be fun. While refining the elixir,
    laughter is the best medicine. If you don’t get the Cosmic Joke, it may get you.
  • Product Warning: Consumers of Chi Kung Home Study Courses may likely become a
    “Chi-aholic” and may be exposed to the epidemic “Mad Dao Disease” that has widely
    infected many students

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