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Muhammad Book by Wasim Rizvi Hindi PDF Download
Muhammad Book by Wasim Rizvi Hindi PDF Download
No. Of Pages: 197
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Language: English
Author: Wasim Rizvi
Source: Multiple source
Muhammad Book by Wasim Rizvi Hindi PDF Download

Summary of Muhammad Book by Wasim Rizvi Hindi PDF Download

Former chairman of the Shia Waqf Board in Uttar Pradesh, Mohammad Waseem Rizvi, has written the world’s most talked about and controversial book for 2020-21. The Delhi High Court was approached with a petition to ban this book, but the court declined. After writing this novel, Waseem Rizvi converted to Hinduism, and his new name is Jitendra Narayan Singh Tyagi.

This book, titled “Mohammed,” is an attempt to comprehend Mohammed by diving into his innermost secrets. Historians claim that Mohammad would withdraw to a desolate cave and remain there for hours before returning to his wife Khadija. As Mohammed’s appearance changed, those who accepted Muhammad as the Messenger of Allah were brought along by Mohammad, while those who refused to accept Muhammad as the Messenger of Allah and criticised him were slain.

Muhammad Book in Hindi PDF by Wasim Rizvi

No other explanation has resulted in as much carnage as Islamic fundamentalism. Some historians estimate that the sword of Islam has killed about 80 million Hindus in India alone over the last 800 years. In France, Egypt, and other countries where these robber Muslims were assaulted, millions of people were slaughtered, and incalculable numbers of women were raped. Not only did the practise of mass murdering non-Muslims continue at the time, but it continued for centuries afterward, and it still does today.

Muhammad was chastised for his faults when he began teaching monotheism in the seventh century. At the time, Jewish tribes criticised Arabia, stating that Muhammad appropriated biblical themes and individuals and claimed to be the last prophet without performing any miracles. In the Hebrew Bible, Muhammad does not distinguish between a true prophet appointed by God and a dishonest impostor. As a result of all of these causes, the Jews began to call Muhammad ‘Ha-Meshuga,’ which means’mad.’

During the Middle Ages, some Western and Byzantine Christian philosophers viewed Muhammad as a pervert, a wicked, false prophet, and even an antichrist. In the Christian world, he was frequently seen as a heretic and a creature enslaved by Satan. Some, like Thomas Aquinas, reprimanded Muhammad for offering sex in the afterlife in the so-called Paradise to his followers.

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