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Navodaya Syllabus 2022 PDF Download
Navodaya Syllabus 2022 PDF Download
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Navodaya Syllabus 2022 PDF Download

Summary of Navodaya Syllabus 2022 PDF Download

In JNVs, the mother tongue or regional language is taught till Class VIII, after which English is taught in Math and Science and Hindi in Social Science. JNV students take board exams administered by the Central Board of Secondary Education. If you want your children to be admitted to Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Class VI, you must pass the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test (JNVST).

On February 10th, April 8th, and June 6th, 2022, the Navodaya Vidyalaya Entrance Exam will be held. The JNV Entrance Exam 2022 Syllabus in Hindi and English, as well as Model Papers and Test Papers Download the NVS Entrance Exam 2022 Syllabus and Exam Pattern in pdf format. Thousands of individuals from all over the country will take the JNV Selection Test 2022.

Navodaya Vidyalaya Class VI Syllabus 2022 | JNVST 2022 Syllabus

Mental ability Test: This test is a non-verbal test. The questions under this are based on figures and diagrams only. The questions asked in this area to assess the general mental functioning of the candidates. This section is divided into ten paragraphs containing 4 questions each. Which can be as follows –

  • Part-I (Odd Main Out)
  • Part-II (Figure Matching)
  • Part-III (Pattern Completion)
  • Part-IV (Figure Series Completion)
  • Part-V (Analogy)
  • Part-VI (Geometrical Figure Completion (Triangle, Square, Circle)
  • Part-VII (Mirror Imaging)
  • Part-VIII (Punched Hold Pattern – Folding/ Unfolding)
  • Part-IX (Space Visualization)
  • Part-X (Embedded Figure)

Arithmetic: The main objective of this test is to measure the basic competencies of the candidate in Arithmetic. Twenty-five questions are asked in this exam which will all be based on the following 15 topics.

  • Number and numeric System.
  • Four fundamental operations on the whole number.
  • Fractional numbers and four fundamental operations on them.
  • Factors and multiple including their properties.
  • LCM and HCF of numbers.
  • Decimals and fundamental operations on them.
  • Conversion of fractions to decimals and vice-versa.
  • Applications of numbers measure length, mass, capacity, time, money, etc.
  • Distance, time, and speed.
  • Approximation of expressions.
  • Simplification of Numerical Expressions.
  • Percentage and its applications.
  • Profit and loss.
  • Simple interest.
  • Perimeter, area, and volume.

Language: The main objective of this test is to assess the reading comprehension of the candidates. There are three routes in this exam. Each passage is followed by 5 questions. In which the candidate has to read the passage carefully and answer the questions asked. Apart from this, there will also be 10 more questions to test the grammar and writing skills of the candidates.

  • Grammar
  • Comprehension passage

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