Netrikan Review

Netrikann (aka) Netrikan Review

In the centre of the city, a large group of young men and women are partying in a well-lit bar. One of the gang’s members is sniffing cocaine, and Adithya is forced to try it. Adithya is adamant in her refusal. He is seen on the phone with his sister Durga Akka (Nayanthara), a CBI official who is on her way to the bar to confront him. They got into a vehicle accident on their way back. Durga loses her vision in the accident, while Adithya dies.

This is a fantastic build-up to the narrative, and we see Nayanthara being greeted with heroism. In a literal sense, She exudes confidence and commands the screen. Durga isn’t a depressed lady, even after she loses her sight. She enrols in Braille courses and learns to cope with her blindness.

At this moment, director Milind Rau introduces the conflict. James Dinan (Ajmal Ameer), a gynaecologist and a psycho murderer, kidnaps young girls in the city. In the first few frames, he establishes the same. As soon as James focuses his gaze on Durga, she must defend herself. The narrative revolves around her attempt to defend herself from the assailant.

Netrikann would be a watered-down version of the Korean crime thriller Blind (2011) for those who have seen it. For those who haven’t seen the Korean film, the first half of Netrikann holds the audience’s interest.

However, there are several obvious logical flaws that go unaddressed. For example, the assassin (Ajmal) phones Durga and threatens her openly. Durga, although being a CBI officer, fails to perform the most basic of tasks: tracking the call or, at the very least, the location. Such problems must be avoided in order for a crime thriller to function. James’ face is nicely concealed from all the CCTV cameras when Durga and James have an encounter at a well-known mall in the city and a metro station.

Sub-Inspector Manikandan is one of the well-written characters in Netrikann (Manikandan). He has done well as a newcomer at work who is still learning the ropes. In the second half, the investigative sequences with Manikandan and Durga bring interest to an otherwise dull film.

Nayanthara, who plays a vision-challenged Durga, has taken on the role of Durga and delivered exactly what was expected of her. Nayanthara’s character preaches stirring sermons on how women should behave and how fear is their greatest enemy two or three times. Even if the purpose was good, it did not have a beneficial effect.

Manikandan and Sharan Shakti have important roles to play, and they have given it their all. The performance of Ajmal Ameer, on the other hand, is the weak link in Netrikann. He’s portrayed as a scary psycho murderer who practises BDSM. His emotions, on the other hand, are unprofessional and do not frighten the audience in the least.

RD Rajasekhar’s cinematography is stunning. In the film, the lighting utilised in the night scenes is stunning. The music of Girishh Gopalakrishnan has added to the film’s overall mood.

If the filmmaker had focused on logic and script, Netrikann might have been a snappy and tight thriller.

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