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On Killing a Tree Poem PDF Download
On Killing a Tree Poem PDF Download
No. Of Pages: 4
PDF Size: 410 KB
Language: English
Author: Unknown
Source: www.aees.gov.in
On Killing a Tree Poem PDF Download

Summary of On Killing a Tree Poem PDF Download

Killing a Tree PDF is a biting condemnation of humanity’s callousness and cruelty in chopping down trees for agriculture, urbanisation, and industrialization. The poem appears to be a “How-To” guide for murdering a tree, but it is actually a passionate protest against tree cutting. “On Killing a Tree” is a delicate poetry, according to its summary. The poet compares cutting down trees to “killing” a person in order to encourage the reader not to do so. According to him, a plant grows into a giant tree by taking sunlight, water, air, and nutrients from the ground.

“On Killing a Tree” was written by Indian poet Gieve Patel. It’s a protest poem with different length stanzas. It lacks traditional poetic characteristics like rhyme, regular metre, and equal-length stanzas. Instead, it’s written in a style known as free poetry.

A poem about felling a tree.

Because of the message, poets are inspired to produce poetry. The message can be found after comprehending the meaning of poetry. Readers are left with a message or piece of advice after reading the poem. The reader’s reaction to message poetry is inextricably linked to his or her feelings about something.

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