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Patton Pottery PDF Download
Patton Pottery PDF Download
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Patton Pottery PDF Download

Summary of Patton Pottery PDF Download

In the present day, the Indian red clay pottery (Terracotta) industry has been
put forward as a major cottage industry for use & throw product for catering,
artefacts, various types of utensils, garden products etc. Presently Indian
pottery industry is suffering from irregular supply of raw materials, lack of
working capital, use of old obsolete technology, quality improvement, lack of
good marketing facilities, and lack of management problems, etc. Owing to this
a large section of the Kumbhar community, which is traditionally making pottery,
has drifted towards other means of income opportunities. There is a need of
capital infusion for increased productivity of the sector. The Government and
non-government initiatives can solve the problem and develop the industries at
its best level which has potential to replace may plastic products and create
sustainable employment.
Since the artisans are in the hands of stereo type machinery, which are not
affecting the Quality or quantity of products. Therefore, it is necessary that the
entire programme for the development may be organized to electrify the
national stage of employment opportunities and bring the long suffering rural
and artisanal communities to the main stream of national prosperity.

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