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राजनीतिक सिद्धांत बंगाली में | রাজনৈতিক তত্ত্ব কি PDF

Political theory has been used as a synonym for political thinking, political philosophy, political thought, political analysis, political analysis, political ideology, political theory, and political system theory, among other things. Even now, political theory and political philosophy are considered interchangeable. However, these two terms are not interchangeable. Philosophy is an intelligence science.

Plato and Aristotle found truth because they were political philosophers. Philosophical political philosophy is a subset of philosophical philosophy. Philosophy is an attempt to explain everything that happens in the world.

In this perspective, philosophy not only evaluates “is,” but also considers how something should be, taking into account both scientific and imaginative criteria.

“Philosophy is the search for meaning,” says Hallowell, “and it seeks to integrate our knowledge into some discrete and meaningful patterns.”The true goal of philosophy is to not only broaden but also deepen our understanding. When philosophy is used to look at what is going on in politics now, it is called “political philosophy.”

One of the fundamental roles of political philosophy, writes Hallowell, “is to bring human beliefs into self-awareness and to assess them on the basis of reason and intelligence.” The major distinction between political philosophy and political theory is that a philosopher, like Plato and Aristotle, may be a theorist, but the theorist does not have to be a philosopher.

Although Harold Laswell and Charles Merriam are theorists, they are hardly philosophers on the level of Hobbes and Locke.

Political philosophy is more intimately associated with the ideals and ambitions that are inherent in such institutions than with the institutions themselves. Under the surface, it tries to look for hidden motives, beliefs, and goals in politics and the people who run them.

It is obvious from the preceding discussion that political philosophy’s primary focus is the question of what sort of political structure is best for creating a “happy existence.” What does it mean to have a decent life? – formalised paraphraseThis is a moral issue to be considered. Political theory, which is founded on actual knowledge, avoids it even after coming close to defining a good life, but scientific research in political theory helps to evaluate many of the assumptions of a good life under scientific scrutiny.

Political theory selects and employs appropriate methodologies for the study of diverse expressions of political life. Political philosophy, in general, is said to be about facts, ideas, norms, and values, among other things.

Political theory is both a simple and complex phenomenon in the field of political science. This term is derived from the Greek word “Theoria.” In English, political theory is referred to as “political theory.” The term “theoria” refers to any focused mental vision gained in a state of contemplation that discloses the existence and causes of a thing, i.e., a mental vision that shows the existence and causes of a thing from the standpoint of understanding. does. A theory isn’t only a statement of a goal or a recommendation for how to achieve it.

The idea encompasses all aspects of a topic, such as a writer’s thoughts or knowledge. A theory is a way for an author to explain what he thinks about the world, how he thinks about history, and why he came up with a theory.

In its most basic definition, the term “theory” refers to an effort to explain a phenomenon. When used in its fullest definition, theory encompasses both facts and ideals. In the modern sense, political theory is about everything that happens in the fight for power.