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Tabernacle Prayer Guide PDF Download
Tabernacle Prayer Guide PDF Download
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Tabernacle Prayer Guide PDF Download

Summary of Tabernacle Prayer Guide PDF Download

1. The Gate

There’s only one route into the Tabernacle, and there’s only one way into prayer. With thanksgiving, praise, and honouring His name, this is a wonderful way to begin your prayer.

Psalm 100:4 – Enter with thanksgiving into his gates, and praise into his courts: be grateful to him, and bless his name.

2. The Brazen Altar

The altar is where sacrifices are made. It is a site where blood is shed. This portrays Jesus Christ’s cross, on which He paid the ultimate price for sin. We must all come to Christ through the crucifixion.

At the cross, repentance takes place. We must never forget the price He paid for our salvation and the blessing it has provided us. The Cross (the Brazen Altar) is a place of provision.

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