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Their Eyes Were Watching God
[PDF] Their Eyes Were Watching God PDF by Zora Neale Hurston
No. Of Pages: 260
PDF Size: 1.03 MB
Language: English
Category: eBooks & Novels
Author: Zora Neale Hurston

Their Eyes Were Watching God Summary

Janie Crawford, a middle-aged black woman who is gorgeous and confident, returns to Eatonville, Florida, after a lengthy absence. The town’s black residents speculate on her whereabouts and what happened to her young spouse, Tea Cake.They misinterpret her self-assurance as aloofness, but Janie’s friend Pheoby Watson defends her. Pheoby pays her a visit to check out what’s going on. Janie tells a narrative that is framed by their chat.

Janie reveals that she was raised by her grandmother after her mother abandoned her. Nanny loves and devotes herself to her granddaughter, but her experiences as a slave and with her own daughter, Janie’s mother, have skewed her perspective. Her first priority is to marry Janie as soon as possible to a man who can offer her stability and social standing. She meets Logan Killicks, a considerably older farmer, and insists on Janie marrying him.

Janie has been unhappy since she moved in with Logan. Logan is realistic and unromantic, and treats her like a pack mule in general. One day, Joe Starks, a smooth-tongued, ambitious guy, strolls along the road in front of the farm. He and Janie had a few weeks of covert flirting before she went off and married him.

Janie and Jody, as she refers to him, go to Eatonville, an all-black town where Jody aspires to develop a “huge voice.” Jody, a skilled politician, quickly rises through the ranks to become mayor, postmaster, storekeeper, and the town’s largest landowner. Janie, on the other hand, is looking for more than a guy with a booming voice. She quickly becomes dissatisfied with the routine, suffocating existence she spends with Jody. She wishes she could be a part of the vibrant social scene in town, but Jody forbids her from interacting with “ordinary” people. Jody views Janie as the perfect complement to his riches and position, and he works hard to mould her into his ideal mayor’s wife. Janie meekly submits to Jody on the outside, but she stays passionate and dreamy on the inside.

Janie finally expresses herself after almost two decades of marriage. When Jody makes a snide remark about her looks, Janie tears him to pieces in front of the whole village, telling everyone how ugly and powerless he is. He viciously hit her in revenge. Their marriage falls apart, and Jody gets very sick. Janie pays him a visit on his deathbed after months of silence. She continues to scold him for the way he treated her, refusing to be silent. He dies while she berates him.

Janie feels free for the first time in years after Jody’s funeral. She rejects a number of suitors who come to court her because she enjoys her newfound freedom. When Tea Cake, a guy twelve years her junior, enters her life, Janie sees an instant spark of passion between them. Despite the town’s disapproval, she starts dating Tea Cake. Janie subsequently marries Tea Cake nine months after Jody’s death, sells Jody’s shop, and moves to Jacksonville with Tea Cake, much to everyone’s surprise.

Tea Cake and Janie had challenges in the first week of their marriage. He takes her money and abandons her one night, leading her to believe he married her just for her wealth. However, he returns, stating that he never intended to abandon her and that his robbery was the result of a moment of weakness. They agreed to discuss all of their experiences and ideas with one another after that. They relocate to the Everglades, where they labour during the harvest season and socialise during the off-season throughout the summer. Their shanty is the centre of entertainment and social life because of Tea Cake’s quick wit and kindness.

Two years after Janie and Tea Cake’s wedding, a devastating storm hits the Everglades. Tea Cake gets bitten by a rabid dog as they try to escape the rising floods. Tea Cake is unaware of the dog’s illness at the moment, but he becomes sick three weeks later. In a rabies-induced fit of craziness, Tea Cake gets persuaded that Janie is cheating on him. He pulls out a revolver and begins shooting at her, forcing Janie to murder him in order to save her own life. She’s charged with murder right away, but the all-white, all-male jury finds her not guilty. When she returns to Eatonville, her old neighbours are ready to spread cruel rumours about her situation, claiming Tea Cake has abandoned her and seized her money. Janie finishes her storey for Pheoby, who is blown away by Janie’s adventures. Janie returns to her room that night, feeling at ease with Tea Cake and herself.

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