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Unlocking Revelation PDF Download
Unlocking Revelation PDF Download
No. Of Pages: 168
PDF Size: 1.82 MB
Language: English
Author: Unknown
Source: Multiple source
Unlocking Revelation PDF Download

Summary of Unlocking Revelation PDF Download

Revelation was written in 95 ad, so all these prophesies are for
us now, and clearly was not written for those in the destruction
of Jerusalem in 70 ad. There is a growing teaching that is
trying to lull young Christians into believing the whole Bible
is all about what happened in the destruction of Jerusalem in
70 ad. Implying to forget the end, and anything scary, just
build your life. Really? I wish it were that easy. This future
destruction will be global, and much greater. Remember,
Satan’s kingdom must be locked up forever, but is clearly still
here, rampant among us. It’s not over yet. This battle must
come to an apex, and the Saint’s blood avenged.
I had a dream of the rapture, after the frst of the recent four
blood moons, in 2014. Within the next two months I had
fve successive visions, about current events and the book of
Revelation. Tese visions would not leave me till I started
writing them down. I felt a strong urge to share what God
has given to me. Trough His visions given me, and as I was
writing this book, the Lord revealed to me the true meaning
of the entire book of Revelation

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