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Voddie Baucham on Christmas PDF Download
Voddie Baucham on Christmas PDF Download
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Voddie Baucham on Christmas PDF Download

Summary of Voddie Baucham on Christmas PDF Download

At first glance, this book may seem incongruent with what I’ve written
in the past. I assure you it is not. This book is firmly rooted in two ideas
that have always motivated my ministry and writing. First, this book is
rooted in biblical exposition. Like my first two books, The Ever-Loving
Truth and Family Driven Faith, this book is an extended exposition
of a specific portion of Scripture. We serve a God who speaks. More
specifically, God has spoken to us through his Word. There is no higher
pursuit for those of us who love and serve God than to know and proclaim that which he has spoken. This is precisely what The Gospel of
Many Colors is all about.
Another aspect of this book that is congruent with my previous
work is that it was born out of the synergy between church and home.
If Family Shepherds was a practical expansion of my previous works,
then this book is an even more specific and practical expansion of Family Shepherds. Here I am answering the question, how do we teach
the Bible in practical, meaningful ways? The journey that resulted in
this work involved answering that question in both the church and
the home

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