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Where the Crawdads Sing
[PDF] Where the Crawdads Sing PDF by Delia Owens
No. Of Pages: 334
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Language: English
Category: eBooks & Novels
Author: Delia Owens

Where the Crawdads Sing Summary

On October 30, 1969, two boys discovered Chase Andrews’ corpse adjacent to an abandoned fire tower in the swamp.

Kya, then six years old, watches her mother leave their marsh home in 1952. Kya is left alone with Pa, an alcoholic, handicapped World War II veteran prone to violent rages, when her siblings, including her loving 12-year-old brother Jodie, leave. Kya gets a dollar a week from Pa for groceries. On their bikes, older males, including Chase Andrews, pass her by in town. Kya spends most of her time with the birds in the marsh.

Kya is taken to school by Mrs. Culpepper, a truant officer, where she is humiliated and never returns. People have referred to her as “dirty,” “the Marsh Girl,” “Missing Link,” and “marsh trash” throughout the years.

Pa’s fishing boat is taken out for a spin by Kya. When Jodie becomes disoriented, one of her pals, Tate Walker, helps her find her way back to her channel. Tate lives alone in town with his fisherman father, Scupper.

Kya and Pa go fishing together for a time and enjoy each other’s company. Kya is introduced to Jumpin’, an elderly black guy who sells petrol and supplies, by Pa. Kya’s mother writes a letter to Pa, but he burns it and goes back to drinking. When Kya reaches the age of 10, Pa vanishes. Kya makes a living by selling mussels to Jumpin’, whose wife Mabel brings Kya things from Colored Town. Kya continues to keep an eye on Tate, Chase, and his buddies.

Kya discovers a set of rare feathers in a tree stump in the marsh when she is 14 years old. She returns with a rare feather one day. Tate then approaches the stump and offers to teach her how to read. Tate and Kya start meeting in a secluded marsh cottage, where he teaches her to read. Tate gives Kya a biology textbook as she grows older, and Mabel gives her a bra. Tate comes into Kya’s ill on Point Beach one day. He informs her that she is going through her menstruation. Kya and Tate finish their lessons, and she invites him inside her shanty to see her collection of natural artefacts. Tate kisses Kya one day, and the two begin a love connection. Their desire rises, yet they refuse to engage in sexual activity. Tate departs early for college and informs Kya that he will pay her a visit on July 4th. He does not, however, return. Kya, heartbroken, returns to her studies of nature.

Kya’s attention is caught at Point Beach when she is 19 years old. He is a well-liked, attractive, and self-assured former high school quarterback. On Jumpin’s pier, Chase approaches Kya and asks her to a picnic.

Chase offers Kya a rare scallop shell during the picnic. She flees because he is sexually aggressive. Chase apologises and takes Kya to visit the abandoned fire tower when they meet up 10 days later. Chase receives a scallop shell necklace from Kya. Chase claims that he will not approach her sexually until she expresses an interest.

Kya draws nearer to Chase. Tate, who has returned home from college, wants to apologise to Kya, but when he finds her kissing Chase, he backs away. Chase begins to broach the subject of marriage and asks Kya on a weekend getaway. In a poor hotel room, she joins him, and they have disappointing sex. Their romance is still going strong. On the other hand, Chase refuses to introduce Kya to his parents or friends and vanishes for a week during the holidays.

Kya throws pebbles at Tate as he comes to the lagoon to tell her that Chase is meeting other women. Despite this, she allows him inside the hut, and he promises to help her find a publisher for a book of her nature paintings.

Kya notices Chase and Pearl’s engagement announcement in the newspaper and recognises her from Point Beach. She relaxes by reciting poetry by Amanda Hamilton, who writes for the local newspaper. She has made the decision to spend her life alone.

A year later, Kya gets a copy of her first book. She plans to repair and modernise the cottage using the money she received in advance. Tate receives a copy of her book from her.

Jodie, Kya’s brother, pays a visit to the hut. He informs her that Ma has passed away and vows to remain in contact with her. He urges her to make amends with Tate.

Chase approaches Kya on a deserted beach in August 1969, assaults her, and attempts to rape her. She fights him off, and as she walks away, she notices two fisherman watching from their boat. Her injuries are visible to Tate and Jumpin’, but she begs them not to tell anybody. Chase continues to visit her cabin, but she remains hidden. Robert Foster, Kya’s publisher, writes her a note inviting her to see him in Greenville. She learns how to get a bus ticket from Tate and meets him on October 28 and returns on October 30, the day Chase’s corpse is discovered.

Chase’s death is being investigated by Sheriff Ed Jackson and his deputy, Joe Perdue. At the site, there are no tracks or fingerprints. Chase was allegedly forced into an open fence, and the killer then covered up the crime scene. Everyone in town suspects “the Marsh Girl” almost immediately.

Over time, the red wool strands on Chase’s jacket become Joe and Ed’s key hints. Chase’s mother, Patti Love, also claims Chase wore the shell necklace when he left her home that night, although it was not located at the crime site. On the night Chase died, Hal Miller, a shrimper, claims to have seen Kya’s boat heading toward the fire tower on the night Kya died. However, Kya has an alibi thanks to Tate and Jumpin’, as well as townsfolk who witnessed her walk on and off the bus to Greenville. Rodney Horn, a fisherman, overheard Kya shouting and saw her fleeing after Chase assaulted her, and overheard her threaten to kill Chase if he harassed her again. Joe and Ed discover a red wool hat in Kya’s cabin that matches the fibres on Chase’s coat and was given to her by Tate. They use this knowledge to charge Kya with murder.

Kya is imprisoned for two months while awaiting trial. Tom Milton, a lawyer, offers to represent her.

For companionship, a nice jail officer, Jacob, allows the cat, Sunday Justice, into her cell. Kya is in court with Tate, Jumpin, and Mabel. Jodie, Robert Foster, and Scupper eventually join them.

Tom Milton challenges the testimony of prosecutor Eric Chastain’s witnesses. According to the jurors, Kya may have taken buses back and forth from Greenville on the night of the murder, but the timing was very tight. Robert Foster, Kya’s publisher, is one of the defence witnesses called by Tom. Everyone is waiting for the judgement after the closing comments. Kya was acquitted on all charges. Jodie drives her home, and she is overjoyed to see the marsh once again.

Kya notices Tate on his boat and prepares to approach him, but the sheriff and two cops come and arrest Tate. Scupper has died as a result of a stroke, she discovers.

The day after Scupper’s burial, Tate discovers a feather from Kya in his boat. They confess their love for one another in the shack, and Tate moves in with her. Jumpin’ dies over time, and Jodie, his wife, and their children pay a visit to the shack. Tate works in a nearby lab, while Kya continues to create seven more volumes.

Tate discovers Kya in her boat, dead after a heart attack at the age of 64. He engraves “The Marsh Girl” on her gravestone. Many people attended Kya’s funeral on her property. Tate discovers two objects under the floorboards that night. One is a box of poetry by Amanda Hamilton, who went by the moniker Kya and wrote a poem about Chase Andrews’ death. Tate also discovers Kya’s shell necklace that she gave Chase. Tate sets fire to the poetry and rawhide rope, then scatters the shell on the shore for the sea to wash away.

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