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World Happiness Report 2022 India Rank
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World Happiness Report 2022 India Rank

  • The World Happiness Report Is Published Since 2012.
  • The Report Is Made on Two Key Ideas – Happiness or Life Evaluation Measured Through Opinion Surveys and Describing Key Elements That Determine Well-Being and Life Evaluation Across Countries.
  • The Happiness Report Is Released by United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network.
  • The Report Comprises Rankings of National Happiness Based on Several Factors, and Primarily on the Responses by the Individuals.
  • The World Happiness Report Is Mostly Ranks 150 Countries Based on Several Factors Like Real GDP per Capita, Social Support, Healthy Life Expectancy, Freedom to Make Life Choices, Generosity and Perceptions of Corruption.

India came up in 136th place, which is a very low ranking. Pakistan was given a score of 121, which was higher than India’s.

The World Happiness Report ranks three Scandinavian nations first, second, and third. In the top ten rankings in the previous year’s research, Denmark was ranked the second-happiest country. Iceland, Switzerland, and the Netherlands overtook Finland and Denmark in the top 10.

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